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Globalone Information Technologies was started by, and is managed by practicing physicians. This high degree of oversight, and dedication to professionalism has made Globalone Information Technologies a trustworthy partner in the medical practice management and documentation process. Its medical billing services can increase reimbursement to well over 90 percent collection rate. This can translate to more than 50 percent increase in income for many physicians.*

Globalone Information Technologies’s transcription services can significantly reduce documentation costs. With emphasis on specialty specificity, the quality of transcription is frequently better than that of in-house transcriptionists. This is accomplished through the use of transcriptionists specifically trained for each specialty.

Globalone Information Technologies’s approaches to billing and transcription can optimize collections and reduce documentation costs for each practice. This can significantly impact the financial picture for most practices.

Dedicated to providing high quality services for reasonable rates, Globalone Information Technologies Medical Billing and Transcription Service is designed to increase profitability for professionals by maximizing reimbursements and reducing overheads.