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Q. How do I submit my dictations?
A.. Dictations can be recorded over a phone line, using a toll-free access number. Alternatively, digital hand-held recorders can be used to dictate as well. These are submitted online, after they are downloaded onto your computer.

Q. How is my dictation processed?
A.. Once the dictation is received, it is transferred to the assigned transcriptionist. After transcription is complete, it is sent through two tiers of quality analysis and then transmitted to the physician for review.

Q. How do I receive my transcriptions?
A.. Transcriptions are received over the internet, through a HIPAA compliant secure account.

Q. Are dictations and transcribed reports available "on-line"?
A. . Absolutely.

Q. Can you use my "normals"?
A.. Use of “normals” or “canned phrases” are encouraged, and can result in considerable savings in the long run.

Q. How do I open the transcriptions I download?
A.. You can use any word processing program to open your dictation.

Q. Is the transfer of files over the internet secure enough to be HIPAA compliant?
A.. All communication between your computer and our websites are protected through the use of Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL). This means that nobody can “listen in” on the conversation between those computers. This is the same level of security that large E-Commerce and banking sites use to transmit sensitive financial information.

Q. What turnaround time do you offer?
A.. Typically, the transcribed reports are returned in 48 hours. Faster STAT service is available as well at a cost.

Q. What if I dictate over the weekend?
A.. You will still get your documents within 48 hours.However, there is a cost for weekend transcription.